Thank You, Theater Program

Originally published November 22, 2017 via The Charger Bulletin

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love theater. In any given situation requiring a fun fact, mine usually has to do with the amount of Broadway shows I’ve seen. I have a preference for musicals, but I always love a good play. I’m Ang, and I love theater. It’s just part of who I am.

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“Hockey Tough” Is Just Regular Stupid

Originally written in May 2017 as a final assignment for Interpretive and Editorial Writing. 

Hockey players are known as the toughest athletes compared to ones of other sports, because of the toothless, bloody image they perpetuate and the injuries they play through. Fan culture, and even the culture in locker rooms, praise this, calling it “hockey tough.” Continue reading

I Want My College To Teach Me…

Originally written in April 2017 as an in-class assignment. 

A college education is pretty valuable, despite the high and rising costs of attendance. The Department of Education reports that people who receive bachelor’s degrees typically earn sixty-six percent more than those who only obtain high school diplomas. Continue reading