United States Women’s Hockey is Bold in Gold

Originally published March 1, 2018 via The Charger Bulletin

Nearly 20 years to the day after the United States Women’s National Hockey Team (USWNHT) won gold at the 1998 Nagano Olympics, they were golden once more, defeating neighboring rival Canada in a thrilling and close match. Continue reading


The Athletic seeks to “make business extremely difficult” for newspapers

Originally published November 2 via The Charger Bulletin

Alex Mather, the co-founder of the online sports journalism start-up The Athletic has one goal: to completely eliminate the traditional newspaper sports section, in favor of his subscription-based website. Continue reading

“Hockey Tough” Is Just Regular Stupid

Originally written in May 2017 as a final assignment for Interpretive and Editorial Writing. 

Hockey players are known as the toughest athletes compared to ones of other sports, because of the toothless, bloody image they perpetuate and the injuries they play through. Fan culture, and even the culture in locker rooms, praise this, calling it “hockey tough.” Continue reading