Post NHL Draft: Nico Vs. Nolan Heats Up

Don’t expect them to play into the rivalry any time soon.

Originally published June 2017 via FlockU.

After a full 12 months of speculation, countless lists of insiders ranking players, and a very unexpected emergence of a new number one, the NHL’s Class of 2017 is complete.

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“Hockey Tough” Is Just Regular Stupid

Originally written in May 2017 as a final assignment for Interpretive and Editorial Writing. 

Hockey players are known as the toughest athletes compared to ones of other sports, because of the toothless, bloody image they perpetuate and the injuries they play through. Fan culture, and even the culture in locker rooms, praise this, calling it “hockey tough.” Continue reading ““Hockey Tough” Is Just Regular Stupid”

Vegas’ Road To The NHL

Originally published on December 9, 2016 via The Charger Bulletin.

Welcome to the National Hockey League, Vegas Golden Knights.

The NHL’s 31st franchise was finally given its identity on November 22, at a celebration outside the arena they’ll play in. Bill Foley, the team’s majority owner made the announcement alongside the team’s general manager, George McPhee, and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

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The NHL’s Major-Junior Problem

Originally published November 28, 2016 via The Charger Bulletin

At the beginning of each NHL season, each team’s management must decide what they’re going to do about their rookies still playing on an entry-level contract.

The ELC is a two-way contract, meaning the player is not guaranteed to stick with their NHL team for the whole season, with a time limit based on the player’s age at the date of their signing. When a player is signed right out of the entry draft, their contract length is three years.

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